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Amifa was founded in 1973 as a manufacturer and distributor of commercial packaging materials, and since 2000 has grown to become a lifestyle product manufacturer, primarily in wrapping, stationery, kitchen, floral and interiors. We believe that the reason our company continues to exist is because our customers have recognized our mission of "increasing the number of moments when people in Japan and around the world can smile in their daily lives". There are no daily necessities in our products. We believe that what we are offering is a product that answers the heart's need. We offer products that touch the heart, products that add art to everyday life, at an affordable price. We believe that it is our social mission to do so.

We also offer you the fun of D.I.Y. - Do It Yourself, a lovely hobby that you can enjoy with your own sense of self and a little bit of ingenuity. Our mission is to give people time to enjoy D.I.Y., not just to buy it, but to use it. A company that offers happy hour is our ideal.

The company name AMIFA was coined from the English word "amenity for all". The company was named after our desire to bring fun to all. Our mission is to provide everyone on the planet with an everyday life where they can enjoy art and design on a daily basis, and a happy time where they are passionate about D.I.Y.

Our Mission

We are Smile Producers

Our products provide the joy of touching art in your everyday life.
We propose goods those you can select, customize with your own idea, so that you can create your treasure which is one & only.
By sending such pleasurable time, excitement & smile to all, we are aiming at the company which is truly required among the community.

Our Products

One Price Goods:

Gift-wrapping, fancy stationery, hand-made craft, Kitchen & tableware etc. sold mainly to 100 yen shop companies.

OEM Goods:

Wrapping materials, displayservice & material for sales promotion etc. sold mainly to retailer(domestic & foreign), wholesaler.

Fleur Goods:

Preserved flower, herbarium, flowermaterials/vessels, flower wrapping materials etc. sold mainly to flower arrangement schools, flower retailer/ wholesaler.

Other Goods:

Hand-made craft (middle price), fancy stationery (middle price), kitchen & tableware (middle price) etc. sold mainly to department stores, stationery shops, miscellaneous shops.

Financial Results

Company Information

Trade Name amifa Co. , Ltd.
Office 3F AOYAMA SUNCREST BLDG, 2-13-5 Kita-Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo 107-0061, Japan
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President Yuzo FUJII
Foundation October, 1973
Capital 32 million yen
Stock Listings JASDAQ Standard (Code:7800, ISIN:JP3124470000)
Business Produce reselling merchandises in Gift Wrap category, such as Paper Bag, Paper Box, Gift Wrap Paper, Ribbon, Plastic Bag, and in DIY or stationery category such as Washi Tapes, Sticky notes, Memo pads, Journals, and Tableware, Paperwares, etc
Employees 62(permanent employee, as of September 30, 2019)


Oct. 1973 Founded as Fuji Sangyo Co., at Taito-ku, Tokyo (Capital: ¥32mil.)
Started business specialized in manufacturing woven fabric for the gift-wrapping
Jun. 1999 Started the sale of lifestyle miscellaneous goods for 100-yen shop companies
Apr. 2000 Organized corporate structure & changed the company’s name to amifa Co., Ltd.
Jun. 2001 Started production out-sourcing of goods for 100-yen shops to tie-up factories in China
Feb. 2004 Started import & sale business of "preserved flower"
Jun. 2007 Relocated the head office to Sanbancho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Sep. 2012 Started sale of new lifestyle miscellaneous goods brand, "Aimezle styleTM"
Jun. 2013 Relocated the head office with a showroom to Kita-Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Sep. 2019 Listed on the JASDAQ Standard market of the Tokyo Stock Exchange